I hate being silent

I hate being me

I hate feeling violent

Not letting the past be

I hate waiting for something

That surely won’t end my way

I hate feeling so selfish and cruel

And yet I do it all anyway

I hate being so sappy

I hate writing this poem

I hate saying what I hate

Instead I wish to roam

Outside of this country,

Outside of this place

With a pen in my hand

And an ipod, just in case. 

…Sorry about the lame ass poem. XD Couldn’t think of anything better, so fuck it. 

Penniless Writer: Last of my old poems atm.


Nothing in life could ignite my fire
More than to be a penniless writer
A romantic at heart, pen in his hand
Although very poor, he has it all planned
‘Love is oxygen’, he promises all
Important to believe in, and eventually fall
And even with his pain, I would be a liar
If I said that I hated the penniless writer.

Excuse me while I laugh my ass off over all this bullshit. Excuse me. *cough*

Hello, old rant and poem blog! I missed you! Do I have some stories for you! Soon or something..

It will be….



Okie dokie, so here’s the deal! I’ve reached over 430 followers, as of today! That said, I wanted to do something special. I appreciate every single one of you butts, after all. That said, I’ve decided to have a giveaway! YAAAAAY! Now you might be asking yourself: “Gee Soph! What are you giving away?” Good question, my fellow followers. Simply put, I will be giving…lots of things away. And if you’re lucky, I might post more. You see, I am moving to a new home soon, so I want to lighten my load. I have a lot of dvds and books. While I don’t have access to all the books I want to giveaway yet, I do have access to most of my dvds. So, here’s an example of what I will be giving away thus far:

Finally, my good friend Lauren (tumblr user cargorabbit) has graciously offered to draw for the 3rd place winner, as 1st and 2nd get the prizes mentioned above. We can negotiate what you’d like her to draw, but due to money, please keep in mind that I’m trying to get something commissioned by her for you for something around the 5-10 dollar range (She has lowered her usual price for this giveaway! Lucky us!). Here is an example of her work she’s willing to do for 3rd place winner!

So here are the rules: 
1) You must be following me 
2) Likes and reblogs both count.
3) please don’t use side blogs to post this in addition to your main. Otherwise, reblog or like as much as you want. Just make sure not to disturb your followers
4) For international winners, I’m really sorry. =/ Due to postage costs, I won’t be able to let you win anything I have to ship. This is why I added the art part for anyone else to win. 
5) Contest will end Jun 14th around 10pm EST
6) Please leave ask box open so I may contact you if you win. Otherwise, I may have to choose another winner. 

Well, those are the rules~ Good luck! 

The Woman in Black.

Ok. Siince I can’t think of anything cool to write at the moment, I’m going to write up a review of The Woman in Black. I’ll put everything under a read more though, so if you haven’t seen it and plan to, you don’t have to read. I just figured since I watched it today, I’d review things to the best of my ability without spoiling WAYYY too much. 

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mmkay, so this is my poetry blog…

And story blog…you know: All that jazz (cue for bad ‘Chicago’ joke)…

So right now, I’ve posted a couple of examples of what I’ve written before. As a kind of…comparison or something, I suppose.

I shall post the new stuff later. =o  

Nothing will last: Another of my old poems


Love, your pain is nothing new I hope to see if my love may help you But it’s hard to look with that clever disguise When I’m near, you avert your eyes Why can’t you just tell me How you feel and why you avoid me? Did I scare you? What is wrong? Why can’t we both get along? Nothing’s solved when nothing is said Argument’s linger within our heads. Or perhaps that is only me Perhaps too I should leave you be Love is something to which I fall fast. Even though I know nothing will last.

Poem 2: Death


Death is one thing I fear the most

Not because I will leave this place

It’s because I know not where this soul will coast

Or if I will have a face

Sometimes the unknown does scare me

This is something not at all a surprise 

Until I know, scared is what I will be

Till then, I am thankful to see the sunrise.